Skyvista44 offers a personal service for assisting
production companies out in the field.

Our Polaris 6x6 side by side ATV is a perfect tool for
equipment haul as well as bespoke equipment to enhance grip.



The Polaris comes fully fitted with a 60ft telescopic mast for either
camera attachment, cable slings or independent floodlighting.

Other equipment includes a purpose built all terrain jib dolly designed for
either independent towing by the ATV or manual placement.

The jib dolly enables both on & off road capability but can be deployed
in studios as an independent tool for jib work if required.

Our off road haul trailer comes complete with guard rails and it’s generous capacity
allows equipment to be transported across difficult terrain with ease.

The ATV can also be deployed as a camera tracking vehicle, providing a
unique camera platform in itself for unusual terrain situations.

Personnel can also be taxied if necessary to & from shoot locations.

We also have camera platform dolly’s on tracking, camera slides
as well as UAV craft for aerial filming.

Because every job is different, please contact us to
discuss any requirements you may have.  


Tel: 01306 611444
Mob: 07050 039544
Email: skyvista44@gmail.com